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                                    HOW WE ROLL

We think you'll find this interesting. We are Unique. That word means there is nobody quite like us.

We are located in the USA, in the middle of San Diego, California, 30 miles from Youngevity and the home and offices of Dr. Wallach and his wife, Dr. Ma Lan. It's the perfect location. We visit Youngvity and the doctors often, usually to consult with them for our customers.

We accept any form of payment, Literally. Even trades and BitCoin. Our CPA insists that some payment methods, such as bank drafts, checks and money orders clear fully. That might delay your shipment. 

We like PayPal and Credit Cards because they clear instantly. They are totally insured and totally secure. If anyone ever loses, it's temporary because PayPal or their card company reimburses them. 

One of us worked at PayPal Fraud Division and another is a reknowned Master of Computer Science. We Know Security. Taking the ultimate precaution, we never enter any credit card info into any computer, so we're more secure than even Youngevity, PayPal or Ebay. We're just not hackable.

Your information is on paper, secure behind two locked doors, inside a locking file cabinet, located in one of the safest neighborhoods in the USA.

We shred , so please don't be surprised when we ask you to repeat your information , even your address, on subsequent orders. It's for your safety and ours.

Youngevity lets use their warehouse as our warehouse. Obviously, they like us. When you order from us, we have Youngevity ship your products directly to you.

This is important for several reasons. First, you know your products are as fresh as possible. Second, Youngevity only guarantees products that they personally ship direct to customers, due to the possibility of spoilage, obsolescence, damage, etc. That's totally logical.

Some of our friends feel the need to warehouse products in their garages. Such products arrive at their final destination without the Youngevity guarantee - although that's seldom a problem.

Youngevity is open 8-5, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

We order online, even when Youngevity is closed and they ship more than 90% of their products by noon the next business day.

For certain products going east of the Mississippi River, they have contracted with Pitney Bowes. Pitney ships in a timely fashion but fails to give us the all important Tracking Numbers in a timely fashion. So, your products may actually arrive before we get your tracking information. We apologize for them. They're unwilling to change.

Only about one order in 3,700 gets temporarily misrouted. One in about 35,000 actually disappears forever. If you drew the short straw, we are at 858-538-2911 and we will either get your order rerouted to you the next day, or we'll get Youngevity to send you an instant replacement. In that case, we'll get our money back from the carrier in a month or two. 

We have your back. So does Youngevity. So does the Post Office. So does UPS. You're secure.

We'll happily ship Internationally, to nearly all countries, even those to which Youngevity doesn't ship. The USA has boycotts in place for about seven countries and we can't ship there, but if you live there, you know all about that. It's usually political. A couple of countries consider some of our product ingredients to be pharmaceuticals, so we may or may not be able to ship some items there.

We can arrange free shipping to USA destinations, Canada and Mexico, including Hawaii and Alaska. For other destinations, we can usually get discounts of 50% or more. They don't  let us prepay customs and foreign taxes.

Chocolate puts special demands on shippers because it melts in hot months.

We offer free shipping on the second order when you choose Automatic Shipping. $50 minimum. You can change your order any time and you can pause your schedule.

Youngevity can't accommodate more than one shipment to you per month, but we can do that for you. For example, you might want to get a Healthy Body Start Pak every 20 days. We just put it on our calendar and place standard orders for you.

Youngevity guarantees everything for 30 days, no questions asked. Lately, they've become more rigid about that deadline.

We disagree with our friends on guarantees. We think so highly of Youngevity products that we Guarantee them FOREVER, so long as you bought from us of course. Please don't abuse us because we eat the cost and we operate everything on an extremely tight margin, so that we can help as many people as possible.

We realize that it may take you 90-120 days to feel the full benefits of some of our products. That's why we offer extended guarantees. We think our FOREVER GUARANTEE is the right way to treat you, for all the right reasons.

PCBs can still be found in most plastic containers for food and beverages. Most commonly, they can be in the seals.

Before their dangers were known, Youngevity may have had some containers with small amounts of PCBs. That's not the case any longer and all of our products even have safety seals under the lids. Some old containers are probably still out there.

California wants us to include this WARNING: Chemicals known by the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm may be present in products or packaging sold here.

We do not make any medical claims, period.

We do not give advice or opinions on medicine, investments, legal issues or any area that requires a license. We probably know the answers, but it would require a license for us to tell you, so we don't dispense such information. Please see your licensed professional.

Nothing that we sell claims to cure any disease, period. Other research may indicate that certain ingredients help you but all we do is offer the products and let you make the decision of whether or not to buy them.

Our FDA has decreed that not even a physician can claim to cure any disease! We are Master Nutritionists but we are not physicians. We can tell you about nutrition and we do so at no cost to you.  When we do so, we don't try to sell you stuff. That's not how we roll.

Aside:  One does wonder why they're seeking the cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis and even the common cold. One wonders why they collect billions of donated dollars for the research. Could some of them be seeking the money, more than the cure? Some answers can be found by searching the name Jerry Lewis online or by reading "The Seduction of DoctoRx."

Four other excellent books on Nutrition are available here:
"Essential Nutrition"
"Nutrition Revolution"
"Dead Doctors Don't Lie"
The MD Emperor Has No Clothes"

Just call 858-538-2911 to order. One of them is $50 at Amazon but you can have it free as an eBook.

We realize that health is expensive. It's nowhere nearly as expensive as sickness. For people living with extremely limited income to spend on their health, we are giving back and paying it forward. In other words we help all of our customers. A lot.

We buy the same products you do, for our family and we pay Youngevity strict wholesale prices, plus shipping and usually plus sales tax.

You get a much better deal from us but it costs us dearly.

Shipping, plus Sales Tax, plus Ebay Fees, plus PayPal fees add up to a whopping 30% or more. 

If you buy a $100 item elsewhere, you pay at least $130 for it. That's business. That's life.  Gasoline is high too. We get it to you for $100. We pay that $30, and more for business expenses, employees, taxes ...

Then after the sale, we give you a nice cash gift, direct to your PayPal account. You can withdraw the cash or use it at PayPal to buy something. It's up to you. You have to buy things here to get it. Others simply don't do that. 

Maybe we like you more than we like our profit. Maybe others prefer profit. We don't understand that motive but we recognize it.

That little cash gift doubles the second time you buy from us. Also, we search each time you buy and if we find out you could have bought the item cheaper elsewhere, we increase the gift a lot more.