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and how you can fix it for Your family.

The White House brags that the Unemployment Rate is down to 5.6%.

Try telling that to the 56% of Americans who can't have full time work, yet whom are counted as employed because:

1. They gave up and stopped looking for work at least three weeks ago, because there are simply no jobs available, period.

2. They are professionals, engineers, masters and Ph.D.s working as minimum wage laborers, part-time, because that's the best they can find.

3. They have had temporary jobs sometime in the past year.  Etc.

These Americans Simply Don't Count.
They count to us and to their families!

Reality:  Only 44% of Americans work at jobs giving them 30+ hours a week.  That leaves 56% of America. 

5.6% Unemployment is a political falsehood.

Source:  GALLUP of the Trusted Gallup Poll

We, on the other hand, are hiring as fast as we can.  We believe in Americans, in You.


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