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In 2014 alone, more than 10,000 customers loved us on Amazon and eBay. We have been five-star sellers there for years.

Call our staff Nutritionist at 858-538-2911. He consults with many physicians, including
Dr. Wallach, Dr. Ma Lan and  Dr. Glidden.

About Youngevity and EssNu.Com

Our friends, Dr. Wallach and his astounding wife, Dr. Ma Lan founded Youngevity in 1997 and personally invited us into the company in 1999. Since then, it has been a wonderful and wild ride, one we heartily recommend to everyone.

We at Essential Nutrition, also called EssNu, are two married couples, and several dedicated employees. 

Two of us were gravely ill in 1999. San Diego's finest physicians had given up and the families had gathered at San Diego's best hospital for a last chance to see one of us alive. Six weeks later, at a large party, we were delighted to see our once-ill friend walking, talking, even dancing a little and having a fine time. We hadn't heard the great news.

The rest of us joined Dr. Wallach, almost on the spot!

Over a few months, good health returned to everyone. We chronicled all of this in our printed and audio book Essential Nutrition.

It's the minerals. It's the vitamins. Thank you, Dr. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan.

Will you or your loved ones have so dramatic and near-tragic a story?
We hope not. If you do, however, Youngevity products are amazingly good at preventing problems and restoring health. The word 'amazingly' is appropriate for doctors and anyone who hasn't been around Youngevity very long. To us, it's commonplace -- but every miracle is a miracle. We shout Halleluja with our friends but it's what we have come to expect every time.

Youngevity changed its name from American Longevity and has seen stable and rapid growth for 17 years.

Our personal group exceeds $150,000 a month in gross sales
 and we're delighted to have more than 14,000 people in it. Four people join us a day. Youngevity, however, is many times larger than that.

We don't know how many millionaires there are in our group but we know four personally and know of a dozen more. Please note that we didn't make them millionaires. They did it themselves, fueled by the power of Youngevity and a little help from their friends.

So can you, armed with what works for us all. That doesn't mean you will. It's up to you but we'll help.

We hear that an entire NBA basketball team is now with us. Obviously they love the energy and stamina our athletic products give them. They love the income potential, especially after their professional careers are in the record books. 

You know the names of other famous people whom you don't know are our allies. Most likely, any of them will be happy to tell you exactly how they did it. We surely will.

Will you be next? We believe we can Help You make that happen.

                                   "If you're not changing the world, then lets."  WDM

We've joined Dr. Wallach on a crusade to change the face of health across the nations. To that end, we offer more than a thousand products and services to support a healthy lifestyle, including:

Formulations of 60 essential minerals, along with 16 essential vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids. Each of these 90 is deemed essential by medical science because our bodies cannot manufacture any of them. If even one of these 90 is deficient or missing, Dr. Wallach and other famous physicians say we fall ill and die before our appointed time.

Essential Oils and Aroma Therapy,

Weight Loss,

Gourmet Coffees,

Non-GMO Foods, (the famous Go Foods line)

Bath and Body items,

Pet Nutrition,

Home and Garden Products,

Mineral Makeup,

Safe Sports Nutrition (remember that NBA team?),

And oh so many more. Other companies yearn to join us because of our excellence.

We have a Unique Position before the FDA.
No other nutrition company has successfully petitioned the FDA for permission to use Qualified Health Claims. We have Qualified Health Claims for Selenium for several cancers and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids for the heart. Dr. Wallach and Youngevity have litigated with the FDA seven times, never losing.  See the FDA website for further information.  http://FDA.GOV

There's more coming!

Our Quality is unsurpassed and possibly cannot be surpassed, for many reasons:

Product development is under strict guidance of two august boards: Medical and Athletic. These boards include 23 of the world's most respected people in health, wellness and nutrition.

Every one of our centers for production of consumables is accredited under Good Manufacturing Practice.(GMP) guidelines. This accreditation greatly exceeds the minimal Current Good Manufacture Practices (cGMP) compliance standards that the FDA requires.

Youngevity is an accrediting subscriber of the Organic Materials Evaluation Institute (OMRI) a nationwide non-profit organization that gives independent reviews of products planned for use in qualified organic manufacturing, handling and processing.

Those things only scratch the surface. We check and triple check every ingredient, every lot, every shipment, many times over, to ensure everything is of the finest quality and purity. We ensure that handling, shipping, laboratory refining, processing, storage, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and even the growing of raw materials is the best available on the planet.

We have exclusive rights in perpetuity to the only source found on earth, of humic shale with 60 minerals in the exact proportions humans need!

Second best just doesn't cut it.

What about those products and ingredients that don't meet our standards? Well, someone else buys them.

Spreading the Word.

Dr. Wallach lectures some 300 days a year, usually more than once a day, telling people how to live long and healthy lives. Out of his pocket, he pays for two radio shows nearly every weekday. He takes no compensation for these lectures, even paying for his own air fare and hotel rooms. Further, he takes no pay of any kind from Youngevity, just so nobody can accuse him of profiting from what he says. He wants everyone to know he tells only the truth.

Other distributors and we do profit from his hard work. When he lectures, sometimes to audiences of a million on TV, people throng to buy the products from them and us -- that will make them healthy.

We're just ordinary people, extraordinarily blessed and fortunate to know and love two giants of humanity. If you care to call us from 9am to 9pm Pacific time, at 858-538-2911, we'll answer every question that you pose, without reservation. We'll cite facts, studies and actual experience.

    1. We don't exaggerate and we have no secrets.
    2. We do everything we can to help, never to hurt.
    3. When anything isn't fun, we change the process, never the person, to restore joy to the process.

Just call. We'd love to hear from you. We'll spend as much time with you as you desire. We want friends.


We only sell you 100% Fresh products at Wholesale prices. 

Retail is 42.8% higher.

Our highest motive is your health, so we make these health-giving products as reasonable as Youngevity allows.

Nobody can legally charge less.

8224901 Essential Nutrition, Independent Youngevity Distributors.  Copyright 2015, EssNu, All rights reserved. Youngevity logo and Dr. Wallach's name used with permission.
You are welcome to contact us at 858-538-2911, 13017 Trail Dust Ave., San Diego, California, 92129. David@Dm1.US.

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